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episode 12

The 1970s sketch of The Doodler and an aged image of the suspect. The suggests there were two attacks in the Fox Plaza with survivors. This is a new detail. At the time there were two attacks reported one person survived the other didn’t. This means there were three attacks in the Fox Plaza. Click link to hear SFPD announce reopening the case.

episode 11

Life At The Movies


Notes on a Scandal

episode 10

In 1924 Alice Beatrice Jones, daughter to a Leonard Rhinelander married after a three year courtship.
Their decision to get married caused an international scandal. What purpose do scandals serve? How have they changed in the digital age?


episode 9

For Colored Girls who have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Not Enuf

“i found god in myself & i loved her/ i loved her fiercely”― Ntozake Shange

Prints of the painted poster by Paul Davis were plastered on subway walls across the city.


Pink On Purpose

episode 8

“I see color as a synthesis of the philosopher’s stone. A process of alchemy or psychological transformation. Where the personal and collective unconscious are brought into consciousness.” Thanks – DrRodriguez

Pink of purpose for the podcast A Deep Dive
We all have our own individual style it is an expression of our inner creativity and genius.


Dougla, Dance and Inspiration

episode 7


Gohatto a Beautiful Mystery

episode 6

Gohatto or Taboo which is the American title. Check out a Deeper Dive for photos and videos.


27 Wagons of Tennessee Williams

episode 5

27 Wagons Full of Cotton, One Arm, and Clothes for a Summer Hotel three works full of surprises, humor, poetry by Tennessee Williams.


Earthquakes and Consequences

episode 4

The Newton J. Tharp Commercial School 2019. Photo: Reggie
A result of the 1989 earthquake, this crack is about 4 or 5 feet long on one of the buildings corners. It echoes the damage that we can’t see that kept it closed all these years. Photo: Reggie


The Chinese Primary School near Clay Street in San Francisco Photo: Unknown
The Newton J. Tharp Commercial School or Commerce High School 1912 before it was closed for the move.
Photographer Unknown (Emiliano Echeverria/Randolph Brandt Collection / Courtesy of Emiliano Echeverria)

Lena Horne Live

episode 3


You may have to listen twice, once for the song and again for the crowd’s reaction.

A publicity still from the Sands Hotel Las Vegas. Photo donated by private donor: 
UNLV Libraries Special Collections

I’ve cued the recording to start as Love of My Life ends leading into Cole Porter’s It’s Alright with Me. If you know of an earlier uptempo vocal version please let me know.

Gay Panic Defense Part 02

episode 2

In the conclusion of Panic a Killer Defense we’ll cover the murder trial of John Parasie and the trials unintended aftermath. We’ll also take a look at what the future might hold for the gay and trans panic defense. (32 minutes)


Gay Panic Defense Part 01

The history of the gay and trans panic defense.

episode one

In 1968, a Springfield, Illinois man named Robert Jackson was shot and killed in what would become one of the first cases in the United States to use the homosexual panic defense to explain a murder. In part one we’ll explore the origins of the Homosexual Panic theory, take a long at why the 1950s and 1960s were the perfect incubator for a psychological theory that would exploit the fears and phobias of a juries across the United States. (34 minutes)


Thanks to Joshua Rich for the use of his beautiful composition that opens and closes the podcast. You can find more of his music on iTunes. 

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