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Panic: Queer True Crime

You might have noticed the channel has changed its focus. Over the last few years, I have indulged my passion for learning more and digging deeper and as a result, there are subjects and topics that deserve further excavation. 

Ok, it’s also true that I have a real interest in true crime and the crimes committed by and against the LGBTQ+ community.  When a community has struggled for rights and protection a great deal of the details of that struggle is on display in the ways in which a murder is investigated, or not. 

The first episode for the channel is the first for the podcast. The little-known 1968 case of a married father of three and his 19-year-old assailant who claimed he killed in a homosexual panic. The trial and appeal helped set a legal precedent for the use of the gay/trans panic defense that dogs us to this day.

The second episode explores the hunt for San Francisco serial killer The Doodler. How much did police hostility, ignorance, and homophobia help one or more killers who remain at large for nearly 50 years?

The channel will cover everything from familicide fueled by homophobia to the murders of trans men and women. The channel will also cover cases rarely discussed inside the community including domestic violence and stalking murders. Each episode will offer resources and help.

Occasionally, we will take a break from all the murder and mayhem to celebrate some of the men and women who have created and inspired, to quote Alice Walker. “In love and in trouble.”

I’m also excited that Panic is also a Youtube channel giving me the chance to illustrate the story more fully. 

The first two seasons of  A Deep Dive will remain on the site.  If you’ve come for the true-crime stay and take a look around for some queer adjacent stuff. 

I hope the change isn’t too jarring and I hope you’ll join me and help spread the word. 

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